Picual MILD Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Australia)



This MILD intensity example of a Picual extra virgin olive oil has a fruity nose and displays notes of banana, arugula and tomato leaf with a slight pepper finish. We are proud to offer this as our oil highest in healthy MUFA (Oleic) at 81.4% lending extended shelf life, durability, and health benefits. This oil has mass appeal and takes points for being so intensely aromatic in the delicate category.

Fruitiness score of 7!    Bitterness 2.0        Pungency 3.0

*Biophenols: 267.0 ppm               FFA:  0.12
Oleic Acid: 81.4                            Peroxide: 3.6 DAGs: 98.4
*PPP: <0.2
Squalene: 7,837.0                          A-Tocopherols: 292.7
*measured at the time of crush

Smoke Point: 385º F

Crush Date: May 2023
Country of Origin: Australia