Ginger & Black Garlic Olive Oil

This Infused Olive Oil incorporates Extra Virgin Olive Oil with ginger and black garlic essential oils. It is out of this world – earthy, savory and sweet! Great in marinades, incorporated into dressings, stir-fries, and sauces.

Use to finish chicken or fish right off the grill! Pair with Sicilian Lemon or White Premium Balsamic.

Umeboschi Plum Balsamic

This white Balsamic is infused with the Umeboschi plum, a pickled sour plum grown originally in Japan, now grown in California. The flavor is a unique cross between plum and apricot, and it is sweet tart with lucious floral notes.

Add a splash to sparkling water & cocktails or drizzle over fresh fruit!

NOTE: Umeboschi Plum Balsamic is available in-store only: Ginger & Black Garlic Olive Oil is available on our website, click here!