ThTubby Olive Healthy Recipesis year break the resolution cycle of setting yourself up for failure when the restrictive diet and intense exercise gets too difficult in a few weeks. Try small, attainable, healthy habits that will have a bigger impact on your overall health this year. For example, take the stairs more or park further away to walk more. Maybe get a new water bottle to try and drink more water.

Vegetables don’t have to be boring! We have plenty of ideas for delicious roasted vegetables and veggie combos and dips for everyday or special occasions. Also, add more healthy fats to your diet such as monounsaturated fats! These make us feel fuller longer and improve heart health and lower cholesterol. Great sources of healthy fats are olive oil, nuts, avocados, salmon and Albacore tuna.

Start small, jot down a couple of things you think you can stick with, and go for it! We are here to help you feel better about yourself. Stop by for some healthful recipes, and try our huge variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegars! Try these diet for the inpatient, You’ll be glad you did!