Stop by our Newtown store for some great new gift items! We have two styles of beautiful, handcrafted glass dipping dishes, as well as a new Dipping Dish gift-wrapped item that include a small bottle of our traditional olive oil, a packet of s.a.l.t. sisters bread dip, plus a lovely glass dipping dish. Everyone will love this The Tubby Olive Glass Fused Dipping Dish Giftunique gift and these gorgeous dishes!

Colleen Greene, a Pennsylvania-based glass designer of Fire & Fusion Design, creates artisan-crafted fused glass designs, both artistic and functional. Colleen created these unique olive oil dipping dishes just for The Tubby Olive, using inspiration from the Tubby Olive color palette of burgundy, dark green, and gold, and the olive based on the store logo. Her meticulous process involves two 8-hour firings.

“The process of glass fusion amazes me in that you can take mere shards of transparent, opaque, iridescent, dichroic and colored glass, cut them in various shapes and sizes, layer them, and fire them in a kiln to create amazing effects,” says Colleen. “The transformation from individual pieces of glass to the finished product is incredible.”

Colleen has handcrafted one-of-a-kind functional and decorative fused glass artwork, dishes, and jewelry over the past 10 years. “I hope that my creations speak to you on a personal level, whether you give them to someone as a special gift or use them to brighten your own life.”

Follow Colleen Greene of Fire and Fusion Design on Instagram: @FireandFusion (and Etsy).